The homeowners loved the potential of their large equestrian property. We improved the estate one area at a time over more than ten years. Changes included a new kitchen, a large movie theater with lobby, a remodel of the master suite, addition of a second master suite, a spiral staircase with elevator, remodeled family room, office, second office remodel, grand front doors, and extensive exterior ornamentation of the main house, guest house, and barn.

The Victorian character of this home is recognized in its elaborate exterior decoration, complex roof forms, roof finials, patterned shingles, cantilevered upper stories, balconies and porches, turrets, towers, and cupolas. Living spaces feature high vaulted ceilings, stained glass decor, large windows, an angled bay window, and elaborate and fanciful decoration.

Kitchen Designer | The Kitchen Strand
Photographer | Allan Carlisle Photography