How We Plan

Every dream…

We Listen to You

Our highest goal is for you to love your home. We take the time to understand every dream you have for your life in this new space. 

  • Why are you embarking on this adventure? 
  • What will make this home beautiful for you? Share your inspirations. Bring out all of the pinned photos, the scribbled notes, the stories, and the imaginings. 
  • What will make this home functional for you? Tell us about the family, the routines, the messes, the pets, the special occasions. Do you need a space for your hobby, kayak, golf cart, office? 
  • How will this home evolve over time? Your activities and interests might be different ten years from now. We want you to love it forever.

We Collaborate

We are collaborators. Working together—builder, architect, designer, client—we each contribute our unique skills to create the best possible design and construction plan. If you are not currently working with a design professional, we can help you build your team. 

We Create a Custom Plan

Along with your design, we consider site features, municipal and neighborhood regulations, building codes, the Florida climate, utilities, economics, and smart structural options. We envision your home from the inside out to create a scope of work outline, preliminary construction plans, and cost estimates. Then together we do value-engineering to refine the plan until we've achieved your optimal balance of design-cost-timeline.


How We Build

Every detail…

Project Management

You experience the excitement of seeing your home take shape, while we handle all of the details—permits, scheduling, budgets, materials, contracts, all phases of construction, cleanup…and we hang your artwork on the way out.

We accept only a few clients at a time, so that we can fully commit to your project, in the office and on the jobsite. John and George lead the team and actively manage the entire build. Your project will have our complete attention. 


We all work together with the same vision in mind—your vision. Every material choice, every craftsman selected, every detail of the build must be of the highest quality. We do it right and exceed your expectations. It is a privilege to build your home.

Our commitment to quality extends to how we treat you, how we treat your home and neighbors, and how we treat the team working on your jobsite. We keep things clean, safe, legal, and professional.


You will always know what is happening on your jobsite. We provide regular progress updates with photographs. We continue to meet and talk with you throughout the build. And we welcome your visits; there's nothing like walking the site for yourself.

"I wouldn't change a thing about our home or the experience of building it." That's the goal.